Special Design Projects

Sarosh Mulla Design is a practice focused on innovation in architecture

(+64) 21 296 2586 / sarosh@saroshmulla.com



Special Design Projects

Sarosh Mulla Design is a practice focused on innovation in architecture

(+64) 21 296 2586 / sarosh@saroshmulla.com


Design thinking

Sarosh Mulla Design focuses on finding the right design solution for each unique situation. We don't believe that one size fits all, and we know that our clients want a personalised solution. So we emphasise the importance of understanding the needs of each client carefully, before considering what opportunities there are to design a truly creative solution. 

To achieve this, we practice across several design disciplines and maintain strong relationships with specialists in associated fields. Our guiding principle is that good human centred design comes from rigorous design thinking. So the one thing that is common to all of our projects is a carefully followed process. 


All projects start by creating an aspirational brief with the client. This is based on both design and academic research, as well as an in depth analysis of what the client hopes to achieve. 


Ideas are then born through an iterative process of model making and diagramming. The focus is always how can we create something new and exciting which fulfils the brief.


Rigorous professional documentation of the design allows for fabrication of the design. The process is managed throughout to ensure a smooth and efficient realisation of the idea and its communication. 

Design Approach

I approach architecture and design as way of addressing challenging issues.

It’s a way of thinking about problems and what we can do to provide considered, personal solutions. It’s about being innovative in this problem solving, without forgetting how we came to this point. Above all, it’s a way of providing better experiences for those who come in contact with the design.

I feel that the field of architecture has no boundaries and the profession is not only trained to deliver buildings of substantial quality, but also to be able to think, plan and coordinate considered strategies for complex problems. Of particular interest to me is the possibility of cross-disciplinary approaches to problem solving, in which teams of varied experience are gathered together to enable the collection of specific knowledge. The expanding scope of architectural thinking allows for novel solutions to new problems and differing approaches to ongoing problems.

My architectural practice is research. It is an opportunity to experiment and test ideas and their tectonic resolution. The ways in which architecture can facilitate social sustainability is an ongoing theme in my design research. That is not only sustainability in the sense of “green” technology, but as a more holistic approach to how we inhabit the planet and how creating well functioning communities can have a positive effect on the environments in which they exist. Design is also a way of communicating what is important to us. It can communicate our approach to work, family and the environment. It is therefore important that design comes out of conversation on these topics, so that it can accurately reflect these values. Clients are always encouraged to take an active interest in forming the framework for good design to happen. 


Sarosh Mulla


Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Welcome Shelter

Innovative project delivery

The Welcome Shelter is an environmental education and volunteering facility at the Longbush Ecosanctuary. It was constructed by 88 community volunteers led by Sarosh Mulla, using materials donated by 84 sponsors. 

The design research looks at how architecture has been used in viewing the New Zealand landscape since colonisation and amplifies the techniques drawn from the European Picturesque in defining images of the landscape as imaginative historic constructions. The Welcome Shelter is the central design work of Sarosh Mulla's PhD in Architecture by Creative Practice. The Welcome Shelter is the largest volunteer constructed piece of public architecture in New Zealand.

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Services offered: Project Initiation/ Aspirational Brief Consultancy/ Design/ Documentation/ Consents/ Sponsorship/ Marketing/ Construction/ Programming/ Project Management.  

Year of completion: 2015

More information: www.welcomeshelter.com


St. Thomas' Chapel

conservation & contemporary design

St. Thomas' Chapel is located inside the historic St. Matthews -in-the-City Church. The project required the restoration of historic fabric from a wrecked missionary ship, together with the design of a new enclosure for this material.

The Chapel is designed to provide an accurate representation of the original historic fabric's form, while satisfying the need for the new portions of work to be practical and of their time. The onyx lantern mounted above the restored chapel references the position of the chapel - just below deck- on the ship while also connecting with a recurrent theme in ecclesiastical architecture which embodies a heavenly light above. 

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Services offered: Design/ Documentation/ Consents/ Tendering/ Contract Administration.  

Year of completion: 2011

More information: www.salmondreed.co.nz

Paper Sky

Immersive environments & Hand Craft

Paper Sky was an installation created for Urbis Design Day with the design collective OH.NO.SUMO. 

The design entailed the creation of a sinuous paper ceiling created from 20,000 hand folded paper modules. The project created an immersive environment which responded to variable LED lighting. The system of construction allowed for the ceiling to be actively sculpted through construction and required no additional superstructure. The project was achieved by mobilising a large volunteer team and a diverse group of like minded sponsors.

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Services offered: Aspirational Brief Consultancy/ Design/ Documentation/ Sponsorship/ Construction/  Project Management.  

Year of completion: 2010

More information: www.ohnosumo.com

Cupcake Pavilion

Digital Fabrication for a good cause

Cupcake Pavilion was a fundraising bake sale pavilion created for Auckland Architecture Week and benefiting the Auckland Children's Hospital (Starship Hospital). This was the first installation project for design collective, OH.NO.SUMO.

The project involved the creation of a parametrically designed laser cut cardboard structure that held 1,000 artisan cupcakes. The project raised over $3,000 for Starship and sold out in 90 minutes. Carried out at the height of the global financial crisis, the Cupcake Pavilion showed that architects can bring positive projects to fruition through innovation. 

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Services offered: Project Initiation/ Design/ Documentation/ Consents/ Sponsorship/ Marketing/ Construction/ Programming/ Project Management.  

Year of completion: 2009

More information: www.ohnosumo.com









We are capable of delivering projects of all scales, from small spatial branding events, to residential and civic architecture. Our diverse range of skills and our linkages to expertise in related fields mean that we can do more than just design your project, we can make sure it gets delivered as planned. 



Experience across architecture, project planning, event management, sponsorship strategy, construction, brand development and marketing mean that we can offer a complete package of services and skills, with the practical experience to back it up. 



We work hard to ensure that all of our projects are creative and innovative. This means that our projects are not onely well recieved by our clients, but also by other designers and members of the public. See a list of our recent awards here.





Sarosh Mulla

B.A.S. B.Arch (Hons)

Sarosh Mulla graduated from the University of Auckland at the top of his class in 2008.

Since graduating his work has been widely awarded and internationally exhibited and published.

He established Sarosh Mulla Design in 2012 after 3 years of practicing architecture with Salmond Reed Architects. 

He is a founding member of design collective OH.NO.SUMO and is currently completing his PhD in Architecture by Creative Practice at the University of Auckland. 

Sarosh has experience in architectural design, project initiation, sponsorship management, project marketing, digital fabrication, traditional construction and project management. He has an in-depth understanding research methodologies and how research can be implemented in real world situations.

Sarosh has taught architectural and spatial design at the University of Auckland and AUT. He has also judged architectural competitions and has also sat on the University of Auckland's School of Architecture, External Grading Moderation and Course Advisory Panel.  



Sarosh Mulla Design
Auckland, New Zealand 

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